Welcome to “Christian Video Clips”!  

We are a Christian ministry with a desire to share the Gospel message with the world.  Here is our Vision Statement:

CVC exists to provide, through crowdsourcing, quality smart-phone Gospel video clips in English for the world.  

The Lord Jesus Christ commanded His people to share the Gospel message with every person in our world.  This is a gigantic task. We can do it!

Billions of people now have access to the internet. In fact billions access the internet via their smart phones.  Producing three minute Gospel video clips for the smart phone is one way to share the Gospel worldwide.

The problem:  There are not a lot of good Gospel video clips for the smart phone.  We need hundreds, in fact thousands of good video clips.

Chhristian video clips selamat datang

Who can help us produce these clips? There are millions of Christians in the world who speak English.  Among these millions there are hundreds of thousands who are creative, enjoy working with the visual arts and can produce excellent Gospel videos.

We are inviting “world Christians” to produce good, three minute Gospel video clips in English for the 915 million English speakers in the world.

We want to show our appreciation for the good Gospel video clips you may produce.  Thus, as God enables us, we will provide some monetary remuneration to cover your costs.    

Please join us in this adventure!

Christian Video Clips