1. Christian Video Clips  (CVC) goal is to invite those interested to make short videos about the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.
  2. CVC’s  main goal is to introduce the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the world.
  3. The offers on this site and all administrative matters are handled by Christian Video Clips, a Christian ministry.



  1. Time Period
    One month for the script.  Once script accepted, one more month for the production of the Video.
  2. This opportunity is open to individuals or groups that meet the following conditions:
    1. Video must be in clearly spoken English.
    2. Video developers under the age of 18 must have a signed approval from their parent or guardian.  If the form has misleading information, CVC has the right to disqualify the individual or group making the video.
    3. The application must include a scanned copy of driver’s license or other identification.
    4. CVC has the right to check information submitted by the Video Producer.
  3. Process for Making the Video
    1. The theme of the Video must be in line with the article or information determined by CVC.
    2. The Video must be no longer than three minutes.
    3. Plagiarism is forbidden.  Content of the Video must be original.  We value creativity.
    4.  A Producer may submit more than one Video.
    5. The Video must meet the parameters of the smartphone as established by CVC.  Note # 7 on “How Do I Get Started?”
    6. The Video must include a Bible verse and also an invitation to the viewer to know Christ as their personal Savior.
    7. All Videos and materials sent with the Video, once reimbursement is made, become the property of CVC.  See the “Release Statement.”  
    8. The Producer is responsible to secure necessary permissions or licenses for any copyrighted materials used in the Video.
    9. If individuals are acting in the Video, a signed “Talent Release Form” from those individuals must be given to CVC.
    10. The content of the Video must:
      1. Not be deemed offensive by the CVC staff,
      2. Not break any of the laws of the United States of America.
  4. Evaluation of the Video
    1. Videos will be graded based on “Criteria for Clips”.  
    2. Video approved by CVC will be posted on a CVC web site.
    3. Time Period for Video Evaluation:
      1. CVC will complete the evaluation within one month from the time of receiving the completed Video.  CVC will inform the Producer within two weeks of the judges’ decision.
      2. The team of judges will be selected by CVC.
  5. Reimbursement for Approved Videos
    1. There are only two levels of reimbursement:
      1. The Producer will be reimbursed US$100 for a “Level A” Video.
      2. The Producer will be reimbursed US$75 for a “Level B” Video
    2. CVC will send reimbursement for the Video within two weeks from the time when the Video has been approved.
    3. The Producer of the Video must surrender the “Video Release Form” to CVC at the time of submitting the Video.  Without the “Video Release Form” there will be no reimbursement for the Video.
    4. CVC will contact the Video Producer using the email address received from the Producer.  If the email address is not correct and/or if the Video Producer does not respond within one month, CVC has the right to cancel the reimbursement.    



  1. If any deceit or fraud is detected, this partnership with CVC will immediately be dissolved. No reimbursement will be made to the Video Producer.
  2. CVC is not responsible for any losses or injuries the Video Producer experiences in making the Video.  The Video Producer has full responsibility for all losses, injuries or claims that might arise from the making of a Video.
  3. The decision of the CVC Evaluation Team is final.
  4. These “Conditions and Requirements” will be adjusted as deemed necessary by CVC.


Follow the steps as outline on “How Do I Get Started?” .

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