1. The video Producer must fill out the Registration form on this site indicating a desire to produce a video for CVC   International.
  2. If the CVC staff is satisfied with the information submitted on the application form, the Producer will be asked to select a “Topic” from the “Topics for Smart Phone Videos” and inform the CVC staff of the topic chosen.
  3. The CVC staff will then send, based on the topic chosen, ideas and suggestions for content for the video plus additional instructions.  The Producer will have one month to provide a script for the video.
  4. The Producer will provide a video script following the pattern of the Video Script under “Getting Started.”
  5.  Once CVC staff approves the video script, the Producer may start on the video.  The Producer will have one month to complete the video.
  6. The Gospel Video Clip must be no longer than three minutes.
  7. The video must meet the parameters of “videos for smart phones” as follows: (1) Resolution must be 400×225 or higher; (2)  The aspect ratio for videos is widescreen 16:9; (3)  Video must be short in landscape mode; (4) No more than three minutes maximum duration.
  8. The video must be made using the Criteria for Clips provided on this site.
  9. A panel of five to ten individuals will evaluate the video. They will grade the video using the Criteria for Clips on this site. CVC staff will determine reimbursement to the Producer based on the panel’s evaluation.
  10. In the event of a low grade / evaluation, suggestions for improvements will be made and the Producer will be encouraged to edit and/or remake the video.
  11. The Producer, at the time of payment, must sign and send to CVC the CVC Video Release Form surrendering ownership of the video to 
  12. Reimbursement will be based on the grading “Criteria for Clips” as follows:  450-500 = US$300; 400-449 = US$250.

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