Smartphone-userAs Christians we should ask ourselves if smartphones are a positive?

We all know they are a distraction. Especially for children and young adults. Who hasn’t seen people staring at one as if in a trance?

No matter how we feel about them, they’re here to stay. And of course the number of people using them is increasing quickly.

Here is a list of some interesting facts about smartphones:

  • There are 1 billion smartphones worldwide, and that number will double by 2015.
  • One in five phones in the world is a smartphone.
  • The largest age segment is 25-34 yr olds (27% of the total market).
  • 53% users are men, 47% are women.
  • The most common activity is texting, followed by internet browsing and game playing.
  • Worldwide 52% of smartphone usage is to watch videos. In the US it’s 76%.
  • The number of Americans watching video on smartphones rose by 35.7% in 2011.

Clearly there are some positives to them as well.

It’s hard to beat smartphones for convenience. With the Internet, you can check your bank balance, pay bills and answer emails on the go.

 Keeping in touch with friends and family is very easy too. Thanks to texting and the ability to update your social networking accounts.

You’ll never miss meetings or forget important dates. Because you have your schedule with you by using the calendar function.

Almost everything you need to keep your day running smooth is at your fingertips.

In fact smartphones can literally save lives.

In Israel a smartphone app called “TzevaAdom” or “color red” can warn citizens of possible rocket attacks from Gaza.

Given all the pluses, as Christians shouldn’t we be asking “how can this tool be used in furthering the kingdom of Jesus?”

More specifically “can this technology be used to save souls as well as lives?”

Since Google returns more than 21,000,000 hits on “streaming Christian video clips” the answer is “yes”.


Just as Christian radio and TV have been used to reach non-believers, we at have the vision of providing (not producing) Christian video clips to smartphone and mobile device users in Indonesia and throughout the world via the Internet.

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